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Jaykin : On The Humble Feat. DJ Seko

Image of Jaykin : On The Humble Feat. DJ Seko


After spending nearly 2 years in the Tokyo region of Japan, JayKin
returns to Vancity with his anticipated release "On The Humble"
featuring Dj Seko. With His latest release presented by Ephin apparel,
it is best described as a "New" JayKin as he touches on subjects
related to his experience living abroad through pain, growth, trials
and challenges while still keeping the listener well entertained. Now
having the two video singles, "one two three four" & "Nippon日本",
buzzing through the city and the world wide web, JayKin has done it
again and proved he is VanCity's Nicest.

01. Into
02. On the Humble
03. One two three four
04. The Answer
05. Radio Invasion (URP 102.7)
06. Televisoin
07. Nippon
08. Struggle (All in my hands) ft. Natural
09. Rain ft. Low track
10. Radio invasion pt 2 (URP 102.7)
11. Message from Japan
12. Raindrop City ft. Heatwave & Tee-Loc

All tracks mixed by Dj Seko

On the Humble is now available for only $8.00. By default you will be mailed a download link of the Mix. However if you prefer a CD it will be $10.00 Shipping included.